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Armani Luce Eye Palette #2 for Spring 2012 (plus swatches of entire Armani Luce makeup collection)

The new Armani 2012 Spring Collection has just arrived in stores here in Italy. Inspired by Giorgio Armani's love of light (which I guess is undeniable if you look at all his most recent makeup releases), the collection is in fact aptly called Luce - or light in Italian.
Focusing on pastels and light metals, the collection includes 2 Eye Palettes, 1 Sheer Blush, 2 Eye Pencils and 4 new shades of Gloss d'Armani, all swatched at the end of the post for you pleasure!
I was really curious to try one of the new palettes so after pondering for a while, I settled for the Eye Palette #2, the most neutral of the options (I think the makeup look with this palette is actually called Oro Nudo, or naked gold).

The colours included in the four-pan compact are described as, from top to bottom:
1. grey; 2. metal fiber; 3. copper pigment; 4. crystal brown.
The texture of the eyeshadows is soft and buttery. All colours are high-shine. Pigmentation varies: as with some other Armani palettes, when you pick up the colours with your fingertips in order to swatch them, they all show up very well even without a base. When applied to the eyes, however, the two lighter colours tend to be quite sheer and quite similar (at least, on my NC25/35 skintone!), so you have to be careful with the blending if you want to keep the two shades distinct.
The top segment, which is described as grey, is actually more of a chamois gold, or greyish yellow. It is slightly more powdery than the other three colours, and it sheds a bit and moves around the eyes, at least when worn without a base, as it seems to contain really tiny particles of shimmer all packed together.
Metal fiber is a cool light silver, copper pigment is a bright golden copper, and crystal brown is a light golden brown.
The palette comes with an instructional card with the names of the shades and two helpful diagrams to create a day and an evening look.
I've tried both looks, paired with lots of black Armani Eyes to Kill mascara (still one of my favourites) and a bit of MAC Powersurge Eye Khol (golden bronze, one of my HG pencils, and what I wore on my wedding day!). I have to say both looks are very luminous and pretty, half-way between innocent and sexy, although the top lid looks a bit too sheer and pale for my liking.

Overall, I think it's a nice palette, but not essential. I'm happy I bought it as I can see myself wearing it often: having blue eyes with a golden ring around the pupils, I love to use bronzes, golds and coppers on the eyes. The quality is great and despite the sheerness of the two lighter colours, the eyeshadows are still visible after a whole day, even without a base.

While I was at it, I decided to swatch the whole Armani Luce Collection. It's something I might actually do for all seasonal collections by Italian makeup brands from now on, if I manage to and if any of you are interested!
The 4 new shades of Gloss d'Armani are: Beige 105, Red 405, Pink 508 and Brown 201.
The Tourmaline Sheer Blush is a pretty peachy pink, a bit too cool and pale for me but lovely otherwise.
The Eye Pencils are great, both colours - #4 Or Antique and #5 Copper - are very pigmented, glide easily and last for a long time. I might get Copper in the near future!
The Eye Palette #1 is a Spring dream! The four colours are described as: Pearl Violet, Jade Green, Sheer Gold and Greige. As with Palette #2, the shades are very luminous and go on smoothly. Of course, the colours won't work for everyone, but I advise you to check it out in person before dismissing it altogether.

Is there anything you like or have already bought from this collection? I'd like to see how the brown gloss works over a lipstick or mixed with the red gloss (I think Megan Fox is wearing something like that in the promo picture, which is lovely, by the way!), but then I have far too many glosses already!

Anna xx

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Replica 15 gennaio 2012 08:51  

I like the look of the palette you got, its an interesting mix of shades. The swatch of the Tourmaline Sheer Blush is also calling to me ;) xx

Lydia 15 gennaio 2012 10:17  

Proprio due gg fa ero a Cagliari e sono andata con un'amica alla Rinascente, dove vendono Armani.
Abbiamo swatchato un bel po' di cose, tutte molto belle, ma...i prezzi? Assurdi, e sapere che molti prodotti sono le stesse formule, ma colori diversi rispetto a quelli l'Orèal mi fa pensare che non acquisterò mai niente.

Ovvio, sono voglia folle di portare via tutto dagli stand c'è, ma in un momento di senno mi dico che posso farne a meno :P

birkinbagbeauty 15 gennaio 2012 17:58  

Wow, you're back ♥ !!! So glad I can read your opinion on makeup again! The eyeshadow quad looks lovely but yeh, perhaps a bit repetitive when you have some other Armani quads...

Cathy of Eyelash Growth Products 16 gennaio 2012 07:14  

Wow! This is really what i needed! Thanks for posting. Lovely blog.

Venus Loves Virgo 21 gennaio 2012 20:28  

It's gorgeous!
I saw the pearl collection from Armani and wanted one but it's not cruelty free yet :(

AnaV 30 gennaio 2012 20:58  

Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

Ana V

Venus Loves Virgo 31 gennaio 2012 00:31  

Anna, how weird! I might go to Italy this summer. Lol!
It depends on family issues and someones health but it might happen.
I would be excited to get away for awhile if possible.

Nicole 01 febbraio 2012 02:15  

So glad I came across your blog. I am now a follower!

cessione del quinto 07 febbraio 2012 16:13  

This collection is great. I love the soft colors and they seem very successful. Thanks for the post.
Sara M.

Victoria 09 febbraio 2012 22:13  

The eye palette #1 looks pretty. I've noticed a lot of brands doing pastel eye shadows for Spring and I think it will be a big trend.

Anna 12 febbraio 2012 00:31  

@Replica: yes, it is an interesting mix, and I like the fact that I can wear it for day and night. The tourmaline blush looked pretty but slightly chalky and I suspect it would look far too pale and noticeable on my cheeks. It might work with your complexion, though! xx

Anna 12 febbraio 2012 00:33  

@Lyd: ciao Lyd tesoro, sì concordo, i prezzi sono alti e tutto il resto, ma cosa ci posso fare, I'm a sucker for packaging!! E poi Re Giorgio è un mito :) xx

Anna 12 febbraio 2012 00:36  

@Birkie: so glad you're glad I'm back :D !! And glad to be back too!! Yes, repetitive for sure, however I only have very colourful palettes from Armani so I thought it was worth (for me) getting this one as none of the others very even remotely similar! x

Anna 12 febbraio 2012 00:42  

@Cathy: Do you think you might buy this quad? I find it very versatile! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

@AnaV: thank you for your lovely comment, I was away for so long that I almost forgot how nice it feels to be part of the blogging world :)

@Nicole: thank you for your sweet words, Nicole! x

Anna 12 febbraio 2012 00:44  

@VenusLovesVirgo: ciao Maria! The Armani collections are always so pretty and the advertising is one of my favourites every season! I too hope they'll go totally cruelty free, and I wish I had the guts to go cruelty free as well :) xx

Anna 12 febbraio 2012 00:49  

@cessione del quinto: ciao Sara! The shades are lovely and soft, I find they work really well for a lot of looks! Thanks for stopping by :)

@Victoria: Hello there! Palette #1 is very very pretty, a bit too pastel for my liking, but I can see it working well for other women. Having said that, I wish I could actually try it on: it might actually surprise me! Thanks for your lovely comment!

Ashley @ Eyelash Growth Products 20 aprile 2012 03:22  

I adds on my list. And share it with my friend. I know they will appreciate it also.

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