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Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #60 Antigone

After dabbling with Boy (reviewed here), I decided I had definitely taken a shine (excuse the lame word-play!) to the formula of the new Chanel Rouge Coco Shines so when I saw they'd already released the entire line here in Italy I was naturally quite excited!

My choice wasn't well thought-out, I just had a quick browse and almost automatically grabbed #60 Antigone for a couple of reasons: one, I like raspberry lips; two, I'm a classicist at heart, so anything with an Ancient Greek/Latin-related name instantly jumps out at me! (By the way, the mosaic photograph under the lipstick does not depict Antigone!)

While I'm at it, some background info for your pleasure: Antigone, daughter of King Oedipus of Freudian complex fame, is one of the greatest tragic heroines of Ancient Greece. Her story, first told by Sophocles, was also brought to the stage in Paris in 1922 by Jean Cocteau who enlisted the help of his friends Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, who designed the costumes, and Pablo Picasso, who took care of the stage design as well as the masks and the shields.

Now on to the lipstick! Incidentally, Antigone belongs to the pink-toned family, as does Boy, and is described as "an intense, fresh and amber-tinged pink lipshine". The first part of the description is spot-on, the look is vibrant but still very fresh, but I must say I'm a little surprised by the "amber-tinged" bit, as I can't detect any yellow or gold in the colour, just a lot of raspberry juiciness.
On the lips, somewhat imperfectly applied! (My lips were not collaborating while I was taking pictures for this post...)
As I have already said about Boy, the formula feels really comfortable on the lips, nicely hydrating although this shade was not terribly long-lasting. Compared to Boy, Antigone feels more "watery", when I applied it the first time I thought it went on a bit unevenly, but with later applications I didn't really notice this again. 

However, as I have also said in my previous review, I have to mention these lipshines have a definite fragrance/flavour, much like Penhaligon's Elisabethan Rose, so if you dislike strong scents stay away from these.

And finally, a comparison for you, with a couple of lipsticks which I really like and which have a similar formula to the Rouge Coco Shines (reviews of these coming soon...though knowing me it will probably be 2012 by the time I get round to doing it!):
Left to Right: Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipstick in Murmurings; Helena Rubinstein Wanted Stellars by Baccarat in Insomnight and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Antigone.

Have a great weekend and see you all soon (this time for real!) with a surprise ;)

Anna xx

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Mezzaluna's world of beauty 12 marzo 2011 01:07  

Bello, bello davvero questo colore!:)Complimenti per l'acquisto ;)

Nat 12 marzo 2011 10:43  

I'm a sucker for raspberry lips too. This looks like a really pretty shade! x

birkinbagbeauty 12 marzo 2011 15:10  

Gorgeous colour! I received a couple of samples from their new line, and I already love Boy (yeh, I'm a neutral lip girl) but I love Adventure too for its sheerness. Now I see this colour on you (I love the reference to antique greek mythologies as well) and I think it is so fresh and gorgeous on you...

Replica 12 marzo 2011 21:19  

Glad to have you back! Really pretty colour on you. I bought 2 of the coco shines today, really like them. I think all of the shades looked nice, which will prove quite costly! xx

Venus In Virgo 15 marzo 2011 21:58  

I was wondering about the tile when I saw the photo, anything Greco-Roman named screams at me too! I love this color, it's pretty. Too bad I stop buying Chanel :( I like the little history :) That color looks very natural on your lips you wear it well. How are you Anna? Hope your son is better XOXO

Anna 18 marzo 2011 00:28  

@Mezzaluna: grazie per il commento! Ti dirò, fosse per me li comprerei tutti o quasi! x

@Nat: yes, it's so juicy and really really comfortable, too, I think I'll wear it a lot. What's you favourite raspberry lipstick? x

Anna 18 marzo 2011 00:35  

@Birkie: Boy is truly lovely isn't it? I haven't decided which of the two I own I like the best, perhaps I should get a third one just to solve this dilemma ;)! xx

@Replica: I knew you'd like them! I have a few other shades I'd like to what you got, by the way! I wonder who'll end up having the biggest collection of these between you and me;) xxx

@VenusInVirgo: I love researching stuff, I hope I don't bore my followers when I add historical or anecdotical info, I try to keep it short and sweet, but I really can't help it when there's anything Greek or Roman involved!! Yeah, too bad you can't buy Chanel anymore, but I appreciate what you're doing :) I'm ok, finally managed to celebrate my son's birthday too...he really does fall ill every 2 weeks, it's incredible! xx

Tina 27 marzo 2011 17:48  

Lovely shade (although I dunno if I'd have named it Antigone myself, lol - given all that tragedy this one is probably on the milder side) and the formula sounds nice and moisturising!!!
I'd love to give this range a try myself!!!


Makeupnonsolo.blogspot 29 novembre 2011 20:46  

Anche a me piace moltissimo...

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