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All Italian Giveaway with diego dalla palma! - GIVEAWAY CLOSED! -

In honour of my birthday, which was almost a month ago (you know I'm always late!), of Italy's anniversary (we just celebrated 150 years of national unity!) as well as of reaching and surpassing 200 followers (thank you!!) I am having my second giveaway! 

The lovely people at diego dalla palma, a 100% Italian brand I love and which I've often spoken about on this bloghave kindly offered to sponsor my giveaway, so here's what you can win:

diego dalla palma eye shadow #19 frost sand
diego dalla palma powder blush #04 peach satin
diego dalla palma eye pencil #01 black
diego dalla palma gloss you lips #19 glitzy powder pink

To enter:

* you must be a follower of my blog
* you must comment on this post telling me...what your favourite pizza/pasta dish is! (hopefully, you like at least one of them!)
Be careful though: Entries will be invalid if you don't answer this silly question!

The giveaway is open internationally. It will close on Monday 28th March at 10 pm GMT+1 (Italian time). The winner will be randomly selected using and announced on the blog shortly after the closing time so that you can email me with your contact details.

Best of luck / "in bocca al lupo"!

Anna xx

20 commenti:

Jinz 18 marzo 2011 02:59  

I LOVE pasta and pizza. Yum. Fave pizza is Classic Pizza Margherita (yummy yummy lol) and i really love fresh pasta with tomato and ricotta

Great giveaway hun


Supergirl 18 marzo 2011 06:33  

Oh! Great giveaway!!!
I love pizzas and pastas:)
My favourite pizza is Parma:) With slices of dried ham and oil-garlic sauce. Deliciuos:)

Rocaille 18 marzo 2011 07:24  

My favorite is Carbonara... What can I say, I just love pancetta and bacon on the whole. I often do it Nigella way with just bacon and garlic infused olive oil over whole grain pasta. Yum!

Oh, and I have a penchant for pizza with pineapple. Since I was a little kid.

Congrats on the followers, lovely! x

sabrys 18 marzo 2011 12:13  

grazie per questo giveaway!
Io adoro la pizza e la mia preferita è bianca con mozzarella,pomodorini e tanta rucola :)

Replica 18 marzo 2011 18:15  

Congratulations! What a lovely giveaway, looks like nice wearable shades.
My fave pasta/pizza dish would be spaghetti bolognese/Margherita, yes I know what you are thinking..I live on the wild side..... ;) x

Blair 19 marzo 2011 18:42  

Awww happy belated birthday and congrats on surpassing 200 followers!!!

My favourite pasta dish is squid ink spaghetti *yummmm*

MissPirate 19 marzo 2011 21:54  

Grazie per il giveaway.

A me piace la pizza con patate.

GFC: Erika

birkinbagbeauty 20 marzo 2011 08:24  

Happy belated birthday and Happy Italy day! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful and passionate country.

Wow, do I have to mention one favourite italian dish? Actually, your ice creams are the ones that enchant me the most, especially the ones I once ate in Roma. However, you asked for a favourite pasta or pizza, right? I love a bit of pepper, so I will opt for the pizza piccante. Well, a girl got to choose...hehe. Oh, make that a Calzone if that is possible ♥

fisiwoman 20 marzo 2011 12:35  

I love both! My fav pizza is Marinara, and I love lasagna.
I'm a new follower via GFC.

Ana Belén R.M

makeup merriment 21 marzo 2011 01:59  

Hello dear Anna!

I could truly live on pasta, sauce and bread (of any variety) lol. One of my favorite dinners is a lovely plate of calamari with spicy marinara sauce then rigatoni with loads of garlic and butter and some raspberry sorbet. YUMMYYY!!!!

hugs to you and hope you are well!

x jeanie

Neris 21 marzo 2011 23:31  

Ho conosciuto il tuo blog proprio nel momento opportuno! XD
La mia pasta preferita: la carbonara! La pizza vado a periodi... per lo più o con il gorgonzola o quattro stagioni con aggiunta di pomodori secchi e... patatine fritte! No, non sono una palla. XD Grazie del giveaway, comincerò a seguirti senz'altro!

Music 22 marzo 2011 07:12  

Hello my dear Flamingo friend. Happy belated b'day! :)

The first thought that came to my mind was: tiramisu pizza!!!!! I know they don't exist, but my pregnant tummy just want to eat tiramisu in pizza form. Hahaha. I really missed the super yummy tiramisu I ate in Florence...

Pasta wise, I love Aglio Olio. Yum. You make me very hungry now.

libertfly 22 marzo 2011 10:04  

Eccomi! W L'italia! :D La mia pizza preferita (e l'unica che mangio) è la semplicissima marghertia :) La pasta preferita... alla carbonara!!!!

Sara 24 marzo 2011 14:01  

Annie! Questa volta posto in italiano, non ho la testa per pensare in inglese oggi! Alice non ci fa dormire la notte causa coliche, sob. Pizza margherita, con il bordo alto e i bocconcini di mozzarella ben separati. Pasta di grano duro al pesto (senz'aglio però!). Complimenti per aver superato i 200 followers!
Un grosso baciotto

SnowhiteM 24 marzo 2011 20:52  

I love pasta and pizza, but given the choice to say definitely PASTA, has an almost infinite number of infinite variations! Certainly I would say Pasta alla Carbonara with so much bacon and egg well whipped! Tasty, rich, easy and quick to prepare! Good luck!

Barbara 25 marzo 2011 17:11  

I'm a classic kind of girl-- I love spaghetti with crushed black pepper and pecorino!!

Cris 26 marzo 2011 13:47  

Spaghetti Bolognese, I suppose ;). As for pizza, as long as it's got lots of tomato sauce & spices, I'm happy :D.

Happy birthday :).

Venus In Virgo 26 marzo 2011 17:49  

Congrats on the sponsor!
I love this!

I'm a follower and all pasta & pizza dishes are my favorite but I will add just one which is Pizza Margerita! The original of course...

Thanks for letting me know about this and I'm sorry your little boy is having issues again. Anna, I hope he has the speediest recovery. XOXO

My cosmetic corner 02 aprile 2011 15:04  

vieni a dare un'occhiata! Un pensiero per te!

Fatjona :) 14 aprile 2011 19:00  

i love pizza... :D :D :D
my favorite is "Diavola" e "4 formaggi" but sometimes i just want to keep it simple by choosing "margherita" :))))

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